About: Mission Statement and Disclosure

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Firstly, I want to welcome you, and say that I am so glad you have found this site 😀

We cannot get away from the fact that social media is ever growing… So I for one, want to use my segment of it as a tool for the greater good! To do this, I aim to start by documenting my travels and see where the page develops from there. After all, a journal is chicken soup for the soul… And a girls gotta eat right?!

One of the things that helps me through my day, is discovering, whether that be in “the real world” or through online postings. People reveal the truth of who they are, in an amazing and unique way. Their personal triumphs and even their failures, help me to see another side of myself and the world we all live in.

I share my journey with you not to teach you how to live your life, but to share experiences I have had, and maybe even show you what I have done to overcome them. I am not perfect, nor am I a life guru, and will never claim to be. But I would love for this to be one of the many places where we can connect, share stories and what inspires us, and not just lose ourselves in the world wide web abyss.

So please be interactive :D, and check out the other healthy happy travel pages on my other social media for more links, thoughts, trials, tribulations; as well as some eureka inspirations!

Love, Lauren x

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*All opinions expressed on this page are my own, unless otherwise attributed. I do not wish to offend nor preach, but I know I can’t please everyone in this world! So, if you take anything negatively, that is not my intention. Perhaps instead reflect upon the reasons why you take it in this way :P. This is something I am also working on (sometimes redheads are known for being, passionate, shall we say)!

**Pages may contain affiliate links or advertisements. This supports me, at no extra cost to yours truly 😀

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